Discover how to become antifragile

We don’t need resilience to get through 2023. We need antifragile human-centred teams!

Kick start your team’s new year in the best possible way with a half day of insight and inspiration from two of South Africa’s most sought after experts, Siphiwe Moyo and Graeme Codrington.

Discover how to become antifragile:

How to grow stronger during disruption and gain from chaos and disorder, as individuals and organisations.

Learn how to create an environment that prioritises your people:

Cultivate positive emotions and engagement, connections to others, and the psychological safety necessary for adaptability and innovation. Inspire your teams to pursue achievement, competence, success, and mastery for its own sake – a feeling of pride in accomplishment.

Combining forces

Combining forces for the first time, Siphiwe and Graeme have crafted the perfect half day workshop to show your people the secrets to being innovative, adaptable, agile and resilient.
  • You’ll face the future with more confidence as you gain an understanding of the drivers of change in our world at the moment.
  • You’ll swap a fear of change for excitement as you understand what needs to be done to thrive in 2023 - not just survive.
  • And you’ll walk away with a comprehensive and practical to-do list to up your game and enable your team to do the same.
Siphiwe and Graeme are both known for their use of multimedia and humour to drive home their well-researched insights, weaving in real-life stories and examples that drive the message home, along with practical ideas that can applied immediately in the workplace.

Get Siphiwe and Graeme in the room with your people, and get 2023 off to the best possible start. Your people will love the session, and your company will feel the value for a long time afterwards.

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Course details
  • Schedule:
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  • Costs: Book and pay a 50% deposit before 15 December to secure this workshop for just R 67,500 (ex VAT). There is limited availability in January and February, so book now to avoid disappointment.
  • Apply: Contact Graeme Codrington at graeme@tomorrowtodayglobal.com
  • Enquiries:
  • More details: Visit our web site for further information.

Course provider
TomorrowToday Global
At TomorrowToday Global, we help clients around the world analyse major global trends, developing strategies and frameworks to help businesses anticipate and adapt to market disruption in an ever-changing world.
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