Advanced Professional Business Coaching Programme

Take your coaching skills to the next level with this dual-accredited programme.

The Advanced Professional Business Coaching programme is aimed at experienced coaches who are looking to take both their own and their coachee's experience of business coaching to the next level; to intensify deeper connections with others to facilitate a true thinking partnership for more sustainable results and greater business impact.

This intensive programme focuses on manifestation of the confident business coach who is able to hold trusted relationships at all levels. Impact is demonstrated in different ways, from short-term goals, to ongoing sense-making and fulfilling on a significant legacy or purpose. One of the ultimate aspirations of business coaching is the systemic process: sustainable impact at both the individual and organisational level.

The Advanced Professional Business Coaching Programme is the final block in your journey with GIBS to coaching mastery.

Programme Methodology:

Assessment/ Evaluation:

This consists of:
  • observed coaching sessions (in triads) with immediate feedback by an ICF-accredited coach
  • ten hours of mentor coaching sessions (both group and individual);
  • independent self-study confirmation;
  • business acumen, systems thinking and leadership assignment to be completed in a syndicate group;
  • live presentation of syndicate's business acumen presentation;
  • individual assignment, covering critical incident, feedback on coaching of four individuals, inter alia; and
  • presentation of Coach Legacy and coaching skills to be evaluated based on ICF-PCC and GIBS core coaching competencies
The programme is experiential in nature and blends business and coaching theory with practice in a way that can be integrated and applied in reality.


The programme is comprised of three plenary/ classroom blocks as well as two evaluation days where the full classroom is expected to observe individual coach declaration and live/ videoed coaching.

Block 1: 3 days; Block 2: 2 days; Block 3: 2 days and final assessment days

In between these blocks, individuals are expected to:
  • Meet in syndicate groups to complete a case study on the business of being a business coach (including a tutorial guided by Faculty) and prepare a syndicate presentation and assignment;
  • Complete three hours of individual mentor coaching (one hour between blocks 1 and 2; one hour between blocks 2 and 3; one hour between block 3 and final examination);
  • Complete seven hours of group mentor coaching;
  • Select four coachees to collaborate with you throughout this coaching journey; ensuring that diversity is carefully considered in selection;
  • Complete extensive reading material in order to complete independent study; and 
  • Submit coaching video of (no more than) 25 minutes prior to final examination.


The GIBS Advanced Professional Business Coaching Programme will, together with the GIBS Professional Business Coaching Programme, provide you with the necessary hours for coach-specific training for ICF credentialing purposes.

GIBS will only be able to provide you with a certificate to this effect, if you are physically and on all other levels present for 100% of the course as well as complete the validation of independent self-study, presentation of legacy and your Coaching Assessment. You will also be required to pass an evaluation of your coaching skills in a live/ videoed demonstration of coaching.

For further information, visit: GIBS

Course details
  • Apply by: 02 July 2024
  • Start date: 16 July 2024
  • Schedule:
  • Venue:
  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Costs: R115,000
  • Apply: Contact us using the details below
  • Enquiries: Gibs Enquiries, +27 11 771 4000, execed@gibs.co.za
  • More details: Visit our web site for further information.

Course provider
Gordon Institute of Business Science
Making an impact to significantly improve the competitive performance of individuals and organisation through business education to build our national competitiveness. GIBS is a leading business school in the heart of Sandton’s business hub, offering a wide range of executive and academic programmes.
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