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Customer Centricity: Game Changing Strategy Design & Execution

Embrace game-changing customer centricity to revitalise your strategy and expand your business into new markets.

The aim is to provide delegates with an understanding of the strategic significance of game-changing customer centricity and insights on how successful brands are able to bring lifetime customer value. Delegates will learn how to develop a business case for achieving disruptive customer centricity, design a route map to implement customer-centric transformation and and gear strategies for successful entry into emerging economies where customers are leapfrogging to new and modern concepts?.

Who should attend?

General managers, functional directors, executives, senior managers and heads of functional areas.

Senior executives are encouraged to bring a team with them to allow for implementation of the concepts back in the workplace.

How you will benefit:

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand the strategic significance of customer centricity that is game-changing, how to make this happen and accelerate the process.
  • Find and articulate new "market spaces" that open up game changing opportunities.
  • Reflect on the "on demand" and "sharing economy" and it's relevance.
  • Define and design specific product and new service value-add innovations that build brand and bring durable lifetime customer value and advocacy in today's setting and markets.
  • Build a strategic architecture and story to get buy-in, alignment and social approval.
  • Develop a business case for achieving disruptive customer centricity.
  • Design a route map to implement a customer centric transformation.
  • Gear strategies for successful entry into emerging economies, where customers are leapfrogging.

Key focus areas:

Day one:

  • Getting the logic and language right;
  • Opening up new ‘market spaces’;
  • A methodology for identifying disruptive new value opportunities;
  • New ways to eliminate waste and cost;
  • Using the customer activity cycle to build lifetime value;
  • Monetising the customer model;
  • New intangibles and building and measuring social capital;
  • New account management models;
  • Making success sustainable; and
  • Social media and its role in customer
  • experience.

Day two:

  • Integrating social investments into customer centricity;
  • Reverse innovation and relevance to
  • growth;
  • Emerging market strategies that create virtuous circles;
  • Challenges with game-changing implementation;
  • Emerging markets: special opportunities and challenges;
  • A model for a phased implementation process with the 10 breakthrough points and defining moments;
  • Determining pace and practicality given the enterprise culture and markets;
  • Operating on twin tracks;
  • Getting traction and buy-in inside and out; and
  • Getting the payoff of lifetime customer value and what that takes.
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19 August 2020
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25 August 2020
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