Accelerated Management Development Programme

Why this programme?
Today’s leaders have to cope with increasingly complex and demanding challenges. It is no longer sufficient for you to be proficient in any one specific field. In order for you to lead creatively and successfully, it is essential that you have your finger on the pulse of every aspect of your organisation, whatever its size. If you find yourself hungry for both personal and professional development, eager to be inspired and stretched with knowledge and skills that will change the way you lead and live, then this exciting accelerated MDP programme is for you.

Target Audience
This programme is ideal for persons already involved in management or aspiring to enter the middle or senior management arena and who need to acquire the necessary leadership and functional experience to effectively implement best practice and strategy.

Admission Requirements
Applicants should have a first year post Matric / NQF Level 5 or equivalent qualification and at least three years management experience. Applicants will be required to go through a selection process. RPL can be considered during the application process.

Ten months, studied part-time.

Exit Level Outcomes

  • Initiate, develop, implement and evaluate strategies and action plans that show effective planning, organising and leading.
  • Through the effective use of information and systems implement innovative and strategically determined interventions and solutions that will improve the effectiveness of a business unit.
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with all stakeholders including clients, team members, colleagues and senior management in order to meet business objectives.
  • Apply economic, financial and business ethics principles in all efforts to achieve business objectives and change initiatives.
  • Implement managerial practices that demonstrate an awareness of the African context.

Programme Structure:

Modules  Duration 
Finance for Non-Financial Managers 39 Hours
Human Resource Management for Non-Practitioners 24 Hours
Leadership Skills for the 21st Century 39 Hours
Strategic Management 33 Hours
Economic Principles for Managers 30 Hours
Marketing Principles & Customer Relationship Management 36 Hours
Professional Presentation Skills 18 Hours
Integrated Assessment


  • Crucial financial concepts
  • Financial process management
  • Financial statements, ratios & analysis
  • Relationships between cost, volume & profit
  • Budgeting & budgetary control
  • Working capital & capital cycles
  • Strategy & forecasting
  • The impact of non-monetary issues on financial decisions
  • Basic accounting
  • How time impacts on the value of money
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the new roles of the HR Department and staff / line managers in a globally competitive environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the legislative requirements pertaining to the broad field of Human Resources Management.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of sound recruitment and selection practices for the attraction of talent to the organisation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of performance management systems and practices and be able to apply these in practice.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of training and development, and the ability to initiate effective training for subordinates
  • Demonstrate knowledge and insight into the concept of leadership
  • Develop a framework for assessing leadership theories, trends and paradigms
  • Display and apply best C21st leadership skills appropriate to both the Global, African and the South African context
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a team and propose ways to improve team effectiveness
  • Describe the components of stress.
  • Identify strategies for managing stress.
  • Develop an individual and an organisational stress management plan.
  • Facilitate the understanding of the context of business strategy to build competitive advantage
  • Understand the role of leadership in setting the direction and managing the process.
  • Explain the analytical tools of industry and competitive analysis
  • Formulate strategy based on capabilities and resources
  • Consider and debate the generic strategies
  • Evaluate strategic options
  • Understand and debate diversification and company structure
  • Understand the impact and relevance of global, national and regional factors for business leaders in the 21st century
  • Understand strategic execution
  • Understand a company’s duty with regard to ethics and corporate citizenship
  • Understand the functioning of a typical mixed economy and relate it to economic welfare.
  • Understand the fundamentals of the market system and the competitive process by focussing on the microeconomic analysis of markets.
  • Identify the various market structures and its impact on the decision-making behaviour of the firm.
  • Explain the macroeconomic environment in which firms are expected to operate (i.e. the macro framework).
  • Appreciate the complexities of devising economic policies to address macroeconomic problems.
  • Explain the philosophical underpinnings of contemporary marketing thinking
  • Gather and analyse data and marketing information
  • Profile a target audience
  • Program a marketing mix
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Critically evaluate the success of a marketing plan at the end of a marketing cycle
  • Define what customer relationships are and the impact that they have on the organization
  • Explain the process and dimensions of customer service
  • Engage in internal marketing
  • Plan, develop and implement a customer relationship management strategy
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the structure and objectives of a presentation.
  • Plan a specified presentation.
  • Use technology effectively. Range: PowerPoint & Video Clips.
  • Use verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills and maintain poise to deliver an effective presentation and reach audience
  • Handle questions
  • Review and reflect on critical feedback of a presentation

For further information, visit: NMU Business School

Course details
  • Apply by: 15 December 2021
  • Start date: 01 February 2022
  • Schedule: February – November 2022
  • Venue: Remote Classes presented via Zoom
  • Costs: R40875.00 per person
  • Apply: Contact the individual below.
  • Enquiries: Sharon Whitehouse, +27 41 504 4000, sharon.whitehouse@nmmu.ac.za
  • More details: Visit our web site for further information.

Course provider
Nelson Mandela University Business School
The Business School presents formal and non-formal programmes which are aimed at providing managers with a vigorous and thorough grounding in the fundamental elements of business administration, management and leadership.
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